Tasks and Objectives


Who We Are and What We Do

The IBG has its origin in the German Book Society (Deutsche Buchwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft), founded in 1999. It is based in Munich. The IBG is dedicated to the study of the medium of the book in all its aspects as an indispensable means of the transmission of culture and knowledge, and as an essential part of our intellectual life. It encourages the study of the book in history, and considers future developments of the medium.

Scholarship meets practice

Interdisciplinarity is of particular importance for the IBG. Members include scholars from many fields, as well as publishers and representatives from the book trade. They address all aspects of the book. IBG Members include academics, librarians, publishers, typographers, booksellers and translators.


Promote Scholarship

The IBG supports projects in book studies. With the funds provided by the Waldemar-Bonsels-Foundation, the IBG is able to sponsor a wide range of research projects, and in recent years, the IBG has been able to offer financial support to numerous scholarly events and publications. Special attention has also been offered to the promotion of early career book scholars. They have the opportunity to participate in special forums for young scholars, and are also encouraged to take part in many other events publicised by the IBG. One example is the "Forum for the History of Science and Books", which met for the first time in Leipzig in 2018.

Renowned publications

The IBG is particularly proud of its scholarly yearbook, Kodex, and its book series, Scholarly Contributions to Book Studies (Buchwissenschaftliche Beiträge). Both are widely acclaimed publications that attract a broad interest of contributors and readers.